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Crystals by Sadie Kadlec

Crystals by Sadie Kadlec

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Channel the energy of crystals for spiritual transformation. 

Crystals are for everyone. Access alchemic energy of 174 crystals and harness their power to unlock your potential in every area of your life: relationships, work, creativity, and mental wellness. Delve into the profound properties of each crystal to uncover unique wisdom for your optimum health, happiness, and Harmony. Learn how to invite crystals into your wellness practice - meditation, yoga, and massage - to bring a deeper layer of sacred energy into your self-care. 

This beautiful, practical book, featuring layered profiles of 174 consciously created crystals, Will show you how to engage with and integrate crystals into the modern age and take charge of each day with intention. 

By Sadie Kadlec

223 pages

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