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Abuse, Music & Murder by Luna Morningstar - Paperback

Abuse, Music & Murder by Luna Morningstar - Paperback

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Valerie Shane - a former LA singer, moves to Chicago to get married, then has to start a new life in Chicago after her husband's death. Getting a dog to be her companion was the best choice she made. Join her and Lewis (her dog) as they adjust to their new life, as Valerie fights her depression, and meets new friends.

Val meets Kane, a talented piano player, through a call for vocalists. Their instant connection is a rollercoaster of emotions. Kane struggles with his past while trying to open up to Val.

Can't decide between love and separation? Follow Valerie and Kane's journey and find out for yourself. Experience their ups and downs as you read about their struggles and triumphs, and ultimately discover the true power of love.

Join the thrilling mystery as Valerie is caught in the crosshairs of a cunning serial killer. Uncover the unknown and unravel the danger in this gripping story.

ISBN: 979-8-8842-8990-1

6 x 0.51 x 9 inches

224 Pages



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