Scavenger Hunt! Find 20 Snowmen!

Scavenger Hunt! Find 20 Snowmen!

Happy Holidays,

We decided to have a little fun. We hid a bunch of Snowmen all over the website in the descriptions of products. You have to open each product to find them. Feel free to share a few while you are looking.

The 1st 3 persons to find at least 20 snowmen will win a $40 gift card for our store. We will announce the winner on our Social Media Accounts.


  • MUST send me the links in a Direct Message on whichever Social Media account your found this contest in. 

  • Send the links AS YOU FIND THEM. Sometimes a product may go out of stock and be removed. If you sent the link while it was still active, it still counts. Be sure to send them.

  • You MUST NOT post the location of them. Only 3 persons can win and if you post it online, someone else might find the rest and take your winnings. We will be monitoring. 

  • You MUST also share at least one product and give a shoutout to our Social Media account where you found the contest. Then send us a link to the post just in case we miss it. 

  • REMEMBER, Only 3 people can win. We will be monitoring this contest carefully. We will also check times. That way even if you get your link in 1 minute before another person who finds them, you still win! 

  • NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! We do not require a purchase of our merchandise to win.  Purchasing anything will NOT increase your chances of winning. 

  • YOU MAY NOT BE family or friends with any affiliates of our company. You may not be associated with them in any way. I will search their friends lists and followers. You will automatically be disqualified. No exceptions. Our affiliates have a separate scavenger hunt and it does not affect yours in any way. 

Start Hunting!

Hint: Here's one snowman. There are 2 other different snowmen hidden in various places. 

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